David Handy

David Handy was born and raised right here in Tejas. He is a proud father and art lover, embracing his Chicano culture and expressing that through his many art mediums, including the art of tattooing.

With over 15 years experience as a professional tattoo artist, at this moment in his career, he focuses his time and efforts more towards black and grey realism, and is  looking to work more heavily in the anime or manga style of cartoons. 

Nature, being the greatest artist, has a special place in his work. David is drawn to and inspired by the the flame of mysticism and the macabre, ancient cultures, in particular the Aztec and Maya. 

Being a nerd at heart, David also looks to horror/sci-fi movies and comics for even more artistic fuel. 

A serious artist and tattooer, taking on large and small scale work, David loves to create new and amazing works of art that each individual can enjoy for the rest of their life, creating a special moment in time. 

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