James Hall

An Austin, TX native, James took on artistic values at an early age.  Through his early life he explored many mediums including paper and pencil, eventually branching out to graphic design and beyond. Finding his love in tattooing early on, he moved to downtown Austin in 2011 to pursue his passion. 

Shortly after beginning his tattooing career, he began oil painting to help his work advance in both mediums, gaining him recognition amongst his peers in the tattoo and art community.

Flash forward to today, after years working alongside his studio partners at Shaman Modifications in Austin,  James has now joined forces with his original team, Nick Baxter and Justin Vickers, here at Art Realm.

James enjoys any challenge presented in the medium of tattooing, with a focus on illustrative design, using aspects of realism to bring his work an interesting dynamic. He is always looking for new fun projects and strives to create tattoos that can be enjoyed in the years to come, mostly working with color and nature based subject matter.

James is by appointment only, so please contact him directly via email or through his personal website, and with some advance notice so that you may get scheduled accordingly.


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