Art realm has a very relaxed and personal atmosphere for both the tattoo artist and the client. The private studio allows Art Realms tattoo artists to  really focus on each and every tattoo with no interruptions or distractions, giving each client the artists full attention to the new tattoo.

Do i need to book an APPOINTMENT or do you accept walk-in's? 

Our artist work by appointment only. We accept walk-in's but it's situational. Feel free to call the studio 512-373-3694 to check if there's any openings.

What is your studio minimum?

 Our artist have a one hour minimum. The minimum vary's  depending on the tattoo artist you choose.  

Do you do cover-ups? 

Yes, we do cover-ups but each artist is particular to the project. It just depends on how dark the old tattoo is and if the tattoo is scared. As well as what you're trying to get it covered up with.