A Circular Art Show

The circle is a universal symbol, which has through the ages come to represent the notions of totality, wholeness, perfection, and the eternal.  As ubiquitous as the circular shape seems to be in culture and in nature, it is much less common as an artistic format, with rectangles being the norm in fine art. As such, we wondered what kind of clever artistic solutions would be unlocked if we freed ourselves from the restraints of the rectangular picture format. Even greater still, what kind of effect could be created with an entire exhibit of circular canvases? We hope to answer these questions and bring out the creative energy in everyone with the Orb art show, which will showcase fine artwork from a variety of local and nationally renowned tattooers who enjoy creating in other mediums. With no guidelines or rules to limit the subject matter, our circular format art show aims merely to maintain a uniformity in presentation.  

Art Realm has worked in recent years to establish itself as a high-end tattoo studio and fine art gallery. After a recent expansion and renovation, we are excited to bring you our first big group exhibition!

Please join us for an evening of friends, refreshments, and art!


Art Realm has made a name for itself as a premier tattoo studio and gallery since 2014, with all of our artists working to create impressive custom art for our clients.

With a diverse group of seven tattoo artists, we're able to meet a wide array of client needs and artistic requests. Every member of our crew strives to reach new artistic heights by working in other artistic mediums like painting. 

Our mission is the merging of tattoos and fine art in order to create lifelong clients and have a positive impact in the Austin art community.

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 New T-shirts for 2018, $20 each, available in the web store!

New T-shirts for 2018, $20 each, available in the web store!

 click on image to visit www.ammebbrows.com

click on image to visit www.ammebbrows.com


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