Nick Baxter

After attending 3 semesters of art college, in 2000 Nick began a career in tattooing, while continuing to develop and pursue his interest in painting. Now tattooing for 20 years, Nick has developed a unique style of painterly tattooing most aptly called color surrealism, encompassing illustrative subject matter as well as biomech and bio-organic styles. Regardless of subject or style, his focus is on finding effective solutions to all of the artistic challenges presented by any tattoo request, in order to create bold and long lasting tattoos.

Nick has gained international acclaim in the body art community for his thought-provoking, innovative motifs, and for his combination of fine art and technical tattooing skills, being featured in tattoo art magazines around the world, fine art publications and books, and numerous gallery exhibitions.

Building on his accomplishments and influence within the tattoo industry, Nick has also been teaching seminars worldwide to other tattooers and aspiring artists about advanced tattooing techniques as well as realistic oil painting.

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